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What My Clients Are Saying

At my law firm, Law Offices of Maxwell Charles Livingston, I have been privileged to work for a great many clients, and some have been kind enough to provide me with thoughtful comments at the end of my representation. Below is a sample of those comments. If you would like to discuss a legal matter, feel free to call me at 262-661-7915 or use my contact form to set up a meeting.

Exceptional Attorney with Multiplexual Legal Knowledge!!

I retained Atty. Livingston for an employment related matter. It was very apparent that I was being represented by an attorney who held legal knowledge, skill, and approach far beyond what a client would expect from any other lawyer with a similar tenure in law. I feel Max is not only confident but absolutely competent to stand toe to toe in trial with even seasoned trial attorneys. He has demonstrated his aggressive yet tactful approach during litigation of my case(s). He proved to be well versed in many areas of law, and this is what also makes him so valuable.

In my opinion, he uses his legal arguments to dance circles around opposing counsel and does so with on point eloquence. Trust me … I have witnessed this first hand!! Max has exceeded my expectations in more than several areas and I would genuinely recommend his legal expertise to anyone in need of help. He takes the time to listen and gives you the real legal facts of your concern-not a sugar coated evaluation of your case. He is genuine, aggressive, and will get you the results you are looking for. He did for me and I can’t thank him enough!

Don’t waste you time with the hot headed, big name attorneys with unrealistic case loads. I assure you, when Max gets on your case you will feel confident that you have exactly who you need to get the job done. If you want legal representation by a competent and genuine attorney, I recommend you give him a call.

– Zach S.

Empathetic And Helpful

You were empathic and you helped me through a very rough time! You coached me and you taught me a lot on how to best use my words and to be patient.

– Emma R.

Hands Down One of the Best Attorneys in the State

I hired Mr. Livingston in November to handle a complicated landlord case for my family. From the first conversation we had I knew we were in excellent hands. His dedication to our cases, knowledge of the law, and compassion to right the wrong allowed us the exact outcome we needed. I now with confidence have Mr. Livingston working on several other matters for myself unrelated to the previous case.

Don’t be fooled by a fancy law firm title. Some of the best legal minds don’t work for huge firms. The proof is in our cases as the big law firm attorney couldn’t hold her own against him.

I highly recommend you hire Mr. Livingston.

– Jessica

Incredible Family Lawyer

We worked with several family lawyers in the past. We were incredibly disappointed with every last one. We had someone who was considered the best in the state and wrote books on family law used by the courts. We also had a high priced specialized family lawyer. Both were terrible and made no effort to get us favorable results.

Maxwell went in and worked his hardest to get us the results that we needed. He is the first lawyer we have ever had that actually opened their mouth in court and didn’t just lay down like a dead dog letting the other party get whatever they wanted. If we would have had Maxwell from the beginning, we would have gotten a much better outcome years ago. I also appreciate the time he is willing to speak to clients on the phone. He seems to actually care about what he is doing and it shows in his dedication.

– Anonymous Client

Unemployment, Discharged Issue

Atty Livingston has been assisting me with several issues. His help with unemployment secured benefits for me. I am confident he will continue to do a good job for me. I am thankful so far on how he is handling my case.

– Lee

Intelligent, Hardworking and Honest

Attorney Maxwell picked up the broken pieces and awful mistakes a former law firm did in regards to my social security disability claim. After being denied twice because of missed information and laziness by the initial law firm Attorney Maxwell worked very hard and diligently to turn around my case. In very little time Attorney Maxwell secured a hearing date and was successful in obtaining disability benefits for me. I can now breathe easier because I can rest when I need to throughout the day.

Attorney Maxwell was fantastic during the hearing.

– Anne

Accessible and Dedicated

Max has been amazing to work with. I’m a startup entrepreneur and have a personality where I dive right into things, and it felt like he took that same approach with me and my case; which was very refreshing. He is accessible and very dedicated, and I plan to work with him further in the future for any other needs.

– Seth

Gives 110%

Very professional. 110% you give to your clients, and very kind. You’re a great attorney, Maxwell Livingston! Plus you addressed and listened to my employment issues. You care about your clients’ needs. I appreciate and thank you for all your help with my case!

– Michele H.

Great Labor Law Attorney

I recommend you as a great labor law attorney and you know your stuff. You are professional and work smart but also hard for your client.

– Ereka C.

Honest, Trustworthy and Fair

He has worked hard for me and been very reasonable with his fee. Moreover, from the moment he made one small error, he switched to contingency fee because he felt that was the right thing to do. A truly hardworking, fair and responsible attorney. I highly recommend him.

– Jim

Very Knowledgeable… Very Capable… and Willing to Assist!

I am 40 years old and have owned five different companies. Have unfortunately had to employ attorneys on many different occasions for various reasons over the years.

A few things seem very constant with attorneys as a whole: Arrogance … never seem to have any answers … unwilling to provide assistance whatsoever until the check is in the hand … and they are mostly unwilling to litigate and would rather “settle” the case.

I have found quite the opposite thus far from Mr. Livingston.

I find an eager, knowledgeable, trustworthy attorney, that seems to really want to help people.

Customer service, explaining clients’ rights and options in full, and keeping the client informed seem to be some of his attributes.

Many times we (clients) get sold on the “bigger is better” and thus, gravitate towards bigger names when needing a lawyer … but … the truth is, they all passed the same bar, they are all equally qualified, and what sets one apart from the rest … is the time and effort they will put into your case.

Mr. Livingston seems to be very willing to put in the time and effort to make sure his clients are getting their rights and their say in court.

I would definitely recommend Mr. Livingston to anybody and would hope that if you need assistance, you would at least give him a call during your search for an attorney … you will understand what I mean once you talk to a few different attorneys … a breath of fresh air for sure.

– Rob

Very Helpful

Offered to write letters to the creditors himself pro-bono! Turns out it wasn’t necessary, but, I’m very grateful to him for his help and reassurance at a difficult time.

– Donna