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Committed To Finding Creative Solutions

At Law Offices of Maxwell Charles Livingston, I’m not satisfied with “good enough.” I always start by taking a step back and looking at the full range of solutions — not just the immediate issue.

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Experienced Employment, Business And Family Law Representation

Whether the case involves business law, contract law, employment law or family law, I always start by taking a step back and looking at the full realm of possible solutions — not just the immediate problem. This paves the way for customized, realistic and forward-looking legal solutions.

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Present Your Options

Every case is unique, but my primary objective is always the same: to find the best possible solution for your particular situation. To start, I’ll clearly explain you the legal avenues we can pursue.

Devise A Strategy

Once you understand your rights and the options available to you, we can collaborate to develop a legal strategy that adheres to your needs and goals while sidestepping potential concerns.

Go The Extra Mile

Whether I’m guiding a client or helping out with a nonprofit, it’s in my nature to go above and beyond. For your case, expect relentless support, intelligent solutions and clear communication.

“At The End Of The Day, Collaborative Mediation Is What I Love To Do.”

When you’re knee-deep in a legal dispute, “compromise” may not be the first word that pops into your head. You may believe “crush the competition” is the best strategy to win.

This line of thought is natural and may make sense. However, you’d be surprised how often a collaborative effort can lead to better results for everyone.

As we sit down to discuss your case, I will explain the benefits of alternative dispute resolution and may even challenge you to think like a mediator. I help you see the possibility of finding a fair and realistic middle ground between your needs and the other side’s.


Exceptional Attorney With Multiplexual Legal Knowledge!

Max has exceeded my expectations in more than several areas and I would genuinely recommend his legal expertise to anyone in need of help. He takes the time to listen and gives you the real legal facts of your concern… He is genuine, aggressive, and will get you the results you are looking for. He did for me and I can’t thank him enough!

 – Zach S.

If You Have A Contract Problem, He Is Your Answer

Attorney Livingston knows the law extremely well and cares about making sure people understand their rights and obligations. If you have a contract law problem, he is your answer. If his office is anywhere near you, I recommend him to you.

– Ronald B.

Case Results

“As An Attorney, Arbitrator, Mediator And Adjunct Professor, I Know When It’s Time To Instigate A Change For The Better.”